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Here we go again lads:

Sat 8th April, Bri S, Donnard Challenge, enter online now, NO entry on the day.
Sat 17th June, 14:00, Bri/Eng M, Tebay, enter 1st March, website
Sat 12th Aug,11:00, Bri M, Maesgwm Muddle,entry form on web site 8th April
Sat 6th May,13:00, Bri L, Stuc a Chroin, entry on website 1st April
Sat 27th May,13:00, Eng S, Barnoldswick Weets, awaiting pre entry details
Sat 23rd Sept,14:30, Eng S, Great Whernside, entry opens 1st Aug
Sat 25th March,12:00, Eng M, Long Mynd Valleys, entry opens 9th Jan, si entries
Sat 8th July,11:00, Eng L, Wasdale, form on website, opens March 31st
Sun 3rd Sept,11:00, Eng L, Castle Carr, entry opens July !