Here we go again lads:

Sat 8th April, Bri S, Donnard Challenge, enter online now, NO entry on the day.
Sat 17th June, 14:00, Bri/Eng M, Tebay, enter 1st March, website
Sat 12th Aug,11:00, Bri M, Maesgwm Muddle,entry form on web site 8th April
Sat 6th May,13:00, Bri L, Stuc a Chroin, entry on website 1st April
Sat 27th May,13:00, Eng S, Barnoldswick Weets, awaiting pre entry details
Sat 23rd Sept,14:30, Eng S, Great Whernside, entry opens 1st Aug
Sat 25th March,12:00, Eng M, Long Mynd Valleys, entry opens 9th Jan, si entries
Sat 8th July,11:00, Eng L, Wasdale, form on website, opens March 31st
Sun 3rd Sept,11:00, Eng L, Castle Carr, entry opens July !



Bit of a bumpy ride this year with only us having 10 members and with always one or other of us having an injury. Even so we managed silver OV50 team in British and bronze OV50 team in English.

Drum and Monkey after a good training session.

Subs collected, everyone in great spirits. That what I call an AGM